Our Story

Eliminating sleepless nights takes technology and we have just the right combination to end your sleepless nights.

Tanda – Mattress in a box

As part of our quest to achieve a good night’s sleep, our research revealed how important the right temperature is. We wondered what’s the role of the mattress in all of this? And did one exist that could regulate that temperature? We expected to find a ton of options but to our surprise, we were wrong. Sure there were many with false marketing claims about cooling, but not one can actually prove that it works.


Pretty ironic that they claim to be all about comfort, but they don’t address the most important feature – the temperature. So after spending 20+ years in product development, we set out to find a temperature regulating technology for a mattress that is scientifically proven to work. We believe a mattress should work hard at giving you a great night’s sleep and that takes innovation.

And guess what…mission accomplished! We are so happy to offer the Tanda mattress with breakthrough ATROS technology for the most comfortable, cool sleep experience available! Learn more about the importance of sleep and temperature:

A good night sleep ....