Advanced Technology at Every Level

Special fabric infusion scientifically developed to slightly lower your body temperature by pulling the cool air from the room and transferring it directly to the body to achieve the optimum temperature

Cooling Cover



Advanced Temperature Regulation for Optimal Sleep

Breathable Material



Natural fibers draw moisture away from your body to provide more breathability to enhance the cooling sensation

Comfort Layer


Opti-Breeze Foam

Specially developed foam offers the best elements of latex and memory foam with no hot constricting negatives

Transitional Layer


Cooling Gel Foam

Low motion transfer, breathable, open-cell foam continues the stream of air flow for the ultimate in cooling and comfort.

Support Layer


Durable Base

Provides lasting support without compromising comfort by using differing foam densities to avoid that sinking feeling

How it works!

ATROS pulls cool air from the room and onto the mattress

Body heat emits and triggers cooling

Cool sensation is transferred to your body

Body temperature regulates to help fall asleep faster

For optimum results we highly recommend our products be used in a room with a temperature between 65-72 degrees. The ATROS technology is ambient, grabbing the cool air from the room and transferring it into the mattress.